There are a lot of things that go into planning a mission trip to another continent, so we want to help you think through some things before you start planning.



August 2012

April 2014


Volunteer Preperation (7836) -For more information about how you can prepare for a trip to Zimbabwe as a volunteer.

Tool Container List – Click here to download the tool list that you can expect to have while working at Sanyati.

Roofing ManualClick here to download a PDF that explains the correct way to install the new roofing system at Sanyati.

OrientationClick here to download a PDF that describes what to pack and how to prepare for spending two weeks in Zimbabwe.

Travel InsuranceClick here to see the travel insurance coverage details.

Passports – It is extremely important that you have a passport before you can travel out of the country.  It can take up to 4 months to get a passport, so we strongly advise you to apply for a passport as soon as you decide you want to go out of the country.  If you have a passport, make sure that the return date of your trip is several weeks before the expiration of your passport.  If you miss a flight, you don’t want to be a week late returning home with an expired passport!

Immigration- Upon arriving in Zimbabwe, you will be required to fill out an immigration form.  You can download a copy of it here so that you know exactly what information you will need to have with you.

Money – Zimbabwe uses the US dollar for currency (as of 3/14/2011).  You will want to take a lot of small bills (lots of $1′s and $5′s, a few $10 and $20) because they will not give you change in return of your US dollars.  Talk to your trip leader about this before leaving.